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Estate Planning

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Thinking about dying is difficult. It is one reason people hesitate to create an estate plan.

Another major hesitation is the expected cost of a simple, expertly crafted estate plan.

Our estate planning attorneys are here to create an individually-tailored plan and help you overcome those hesitations.

Estate planning is not just for those with an abundance of wealth, it is for everyone. We help you decide on a plan that suits you. Whether a simple will or a full trust package, we help you plan the estate that best fits your needs.

Too many estate-planning firms charge exorbitant fees based on the idea they are protecting large amounts of money.

Everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of how deep his or her pockets are. This is why we offer our services at reasonable prices, because we all need an estate plan done right. Whether you own a home, have investment accounts, only have one bank account, or keep your spare cash under your mattress, an estate plan can help you manage what you have now, help prepare you to own more in the future, and protect what you accumulate for those you love after you are gone.

Making an estate plan not only involves passing on your things, but also…

  • Directs doctors on how to treat you in case of traumatic injury or illness.
  • Dictates who will care for your children if you pass.
  • Gives power to someone you trust to manage your finances if you become incapacitated.

You do not want others making those decisions for you once it is too late. You can express your wishes now so they can be heard, even when you may be unable to speak.

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