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Health Care Directive – Living Will

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Health Care Directives provide direction regarding your medical care if you are incapacitated and unable to make your wishes known.

Another common name for this is a Living Will. Your Living Will lists certain health care directives and even names an Agent to make medical decisions on your behalf.

Having a Living Will is the simplest way to ensure your loved ones do not have to second-guess your health care decisions.

It is emotional and difficult to make life or death decisions for another person. A Living Will ensures someone else knows your wishes, even when you are unable to vocalize those directions.

Under these traumatic circumstances, not knowing what you would have chosen can leave your loved ones with a lifetime of guilt

Typically, a living will provides direction on when you should be taken on life support and when to prolong life if you are in a vegetative state or prolonged process of dying.

The attorneys at REP Law take a compassionate approach when drafting Living Wills.

Your wishes need to be known so others can confidently assist you when you can no longer help yourself. We walk you through your options and ensure you understand what directions you are leaving.

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It is vital to make a Living Will now. Waiting until your health deteriorates may leave a loved one guessing what you would have done.

Give those you love the comfort and confidence they need to help you and them through what could be a very difficult time. Our attorneys offer free consultations to discuss how to implement a Living Will into your Estate Plan.

We’re ready and available to help you with your Personal Injury and Estate Planning needs today.

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