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Claims against Public/Government Entities

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If you were injured while on property owned by a public entity or by an employee of a public entity, then you must act quickly.

In Arizona, any person with a claim against a public entity or public employee must file a Notice of Claim with the person authorized to accept service on behalf of the public entity. You must file a Notice of Claim within 180 days after the injury occurred.

Arizona Revised Statute 12-821.01 is the law regarding Notice of Claims.

Filing a Notice of Claim is not the same as filing a lawsuit. It merely puts the public entity on notice of the claim. Unlike most injury claims, which in Arizona have a statute of limitations of two years, the Notice of Claim’s deadline is much shorter.

If you do not file a Notice of Claim within 180 days, the claim is barred and can never be brought.

It is imperative for you to speak to an attorney shortly after you are injured.

Often times, it is difficult to determine if the Notice of Claim Statute applies to the person or place that caused your injuries. Our attorneys are experts at determining who may bear fault and giving those people proper notice.

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There are also strict requirements regarding what must be included in the Notice.

These legal details are easy to overlook, so hiring someone with experience is important to ensuring your claim survives well beyond the short deadlines imposed by Arizona law.

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