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The personal injury process can be frustrating.

Sometimes, no matter what someone does, insurance adjusters still make low offers, medical bills still pile up, and injuries still don’t heal. The truth is an attorney can only control so much of a claim. The insurance company holds the purse strings. Medical providers have standard billing procedures. And regardless of treatment, sometimes injuries don’t improve. However, there are aspects of a personal injury claim where an attorney can truly control the outcome.

Our top priority is to help you recover.

We tell all our clients that our top priority is to help them physically recover from their injuries. Many
people don’t know where to turn for medical treatment after leaving an emergency room. The cost of
health care is steadily rising. Even those with health insurance are often unsure how to pay for their
medical bills after an accident. At times, providers will not bill health insurance if they know there
may be auto insurance covering the loss. Even when they do bill health insurance, there are often
expensive deductibles and copays. Auto insurance companies do not pay for medical bills as
treatment progresses. This leaves injured people wondering where to turn for medical treatment.

At Rep Law, we don’t pretend to be doctors. We don’t diagnose injuries or recommend treatment,
which is a surprisingly unique approach. Many personal injury attorneys try to control where a client
obtains medical treatment, when they undergo that treatment, and what type of treatment they
obtain. We believe those decisions are best left to doctors and our clients.

Instead, when a client doesn’t know where to turn for medical treatment, we recommend a variety of
medical providers and allow our clients to do their research and choose the physicians they are most
comfortable with. In addition, we help our clients navigate the billing process. We review their health
insurance and give advice on whether it is advantageous to have providers bill health insurance or
hold their bills on a lien. Which means paying the provider from the settlement proceeds at the end
of a claim. Again, our number one goal is to help our clients get better, and we do everything we can
to ensure that happens.

We handle all our claims from start to finish.

When it comes time to settle a claim, the insurance adjuster determines how much money to offer.
Of course, as attorneys, we present the best possible claim with all necessary documentation.
However, sometimes insurance companies make low offers, even on the strongest claims. Making
sure you have an attorney who is an experienced negotiator makes a big difference. There are
multiple tactics and ways to leverage a claim.

Yet, even the best negotiators sometimes fail against a stubborn insurance company. Which is when
an attorney really becomes vital. The recourse to unacceptable offers – filing a lawsuit. Many
personal injury attorneys refer out cases to other lawyers once it comes time to litigate. We handle
all our claims from start to finish. We are experienced litigators and insurance companies know we
handle our own lawsuits. The last thing we want to do is leave our clients when they need us most.

We negotiate with medical providers to ensure our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Finally, once a claim settles, the fun just begins. That is when medical providers and health
insurance companies come out of the woodwork. Everyone seems to claim a right to the settlement
proceeds. It can be difficult to determine who should be paid and how much they should be paid.
Many people don’t realize we negotiate with the medical providers on the back end of a claim to
ensure our clients pocket as much money as possible.

There are times when an insurance adjuster makes a low offer, the client wants to avoid litigation,
and we can still make the bottom line acceptable to the client by aggressively and tactfully
negotiating with medical providers. We take pride in our ability to navigate and negotiate the post
settlement process. This is an overlooked aspect of personal injury claims and we have helped
hundreds of client’s pocket more from their settlements and avoid litigation by working tirelessly on
medical bill reductions.

In the end, an attorney saves clients time, energy, and frustration in almost every claim. Even though
we cannot control everything, we help our clients at REP Law navigate a complicated and stressful process. We are accessible throughout the claim to make sure our clients know what is going on and what we are doing for them. We love our job. We love helping people. And we love controlling what we can control. If you are in need of an injury attorney in Arizona contact REP Law today.