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Attorneys can be the worst! At REP Law, we agree that our society is too litigious. We only exist as a firm because insurance companies have billions of dollars and hundreds of years of experience. While the average person has very little experience dealing with adverse insurance adjusters whose job it is to settle claims quickly and for as little as possible. 

If you were in a minor collision and do not need medical attention, then you likely do not need an attorney. However, as soon as an injury occurs, representation can be vital to your recovery, both physically and financially. 

We built REP Law around helping injured people navigate a complicated system. Even if you are great at negotiating, have fantastic health insurance, have the time to collect your own medical records and bills, lost wage information, and document your pain and suffering, there are still legal hurdles that can keep you from obtaining everything you deserve. 

Many people do not realize their health insurance may be entitled to a portion of the recovery from an at-fault auto insurance company. Hospitals and doctors may file liens on their services and can then claim they are entitled to compensation for your recovery as well. When there is an insurance claim, many people try to get a piece of the pie, and in some instances, the law requires you to reimburse others from your settlement. We are here to help you receive the biggest piece of pie possible. 

We often tell our clients, that we add the most value after we reach a settlement or final judgment. At that point, we can look to your own auto insurance for possible medical payments coverage and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. All of which may increase the amount you obtain after an auto accident. 

In addition, we work with your health insurance company and medical providers to ensure any liens and medical bills are paid at a fair amount. We not only negotiate with insurance companies, but we negotiate with anyone who claims a right to your recovery.

For these reasons and many others, Rep Law’s personal injury lawyers are important to ensure you receive as much money as possible after an auto accident. 

Attorneys can be the worst, but we pride ourselves on creating an atypical legal experience. We became attorneys to help people. Part of that help includes providing an enjoyable legal experience.