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If you’re hurt in a car accident in Arizona, it can be a traumatic event.

You’re already dealing with the pain and stress related to the accident. You may also be struggling with how to get help dealing with the legal side of the incident.

Rest assured. Car accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Arizona. According to the state Department of Transportation, in 2020, there were 98,778 car accidents in the state. Of those, 28,610 involved personal injury and 970 involved a death, with a total of 1,057 killed. A whopping 69,198 involved damage to property.

Understanding the different types of car accidents can help you get a sense of how major car accidents are within Arizona.

Here are the top causes of car crashes in Arizona.

Speed Issues

Driving too fast is a very common cause of car crashes in Arizona. Drivers are in a hurry and disregard posted speed limit signs. It’s never worth the risk of speeding too quickly and being unable to control the car. It can also be more difficult to stop in time to avoid crashing into another car or property.

Arizona authorities issued 30,000 driver violations for “speed too fast for conditions” or “exceeded lawful speed” in 2020, accounting for 15.8 percent of all violations.

Distracted Driving

Checking emails, texting a friend or a family member, eating while driving, and other distracting behaviors can easily lead to a car accident. Thousands of accidents are the result of distracted driving. Talking on a hands-free or handheld device, manually using an electronic device, eating and drinking, and dealing with a passenger, or distractions outside the vehicle are among the most-cited distracted driving behaviors.

Arizona law bans the use of smartphones while operating a motor vehicle. Most accidents resulting from distracted driving are completely preventable.

Impaired Driving

Alcohol-related crashes accounted for 4.5 percent or 4,500 crashes in 2020. Collisions with other moving vehicles are the most common types of alcohol-related crashes. Other types include overturning a vehicle, collisions with pedestrians, bicycles, animals, or objects.

A total of 181 people were killed and 2,863 injured in alcohol-related crashes in 2020.

Note that these statistics include drivers who may not have been operating a car with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent, which is the legal level in the state. It shows that alcohol can cause impairment regardless of how much alcohol has been consumed.

Traffic Issues

Car accidents can happen when one vehicle fails to follow the rules of the road. If one vehicle does not yield at an intersection, whether due to a stop sign, traffic light, or other signals, a crash can occur.

Failing to yield at a right of way led to 16,621 driver violations in 2020. Disregarding a traffic signal (4,801), making an improper turn (3,674), an unsafe lane change (6,515), failing to stay in the proper lane (5,289), and following too closely (5,599) are other common accident causes.

Road Rage

While road rage occurs in only a few hundred car accidents a year, it can be an extremely terrifying experience. If you’ve experienced a road rage accident, you want to be sure that you know your rights and get the legal representation you deserve.

Moral of the Story

Understanding the major causes of car accidents can help you be prepared and avoid some of the common pitfalls of drivers as well as be more aware and alert of other drivers who may be potentially dangerous (e.g., observing someone swerving in between lanes or engaging in distracting behavior). Being equipped with this knowledge may help prevent you from being in a car accident. Still, some accidents are unavoidable, and if you find yourself in a car accident, calling a personal injury attorney should be one of the first things you should do. 

At Rep Law, we have the education and experience to help you if you have been in a car accident. If you need our assistance, call us at 623-404-7844.